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Harley-Davidson Seat & Windshield Demos Now Available

Harley-Davidson Seats

Goe Harley-Davidson is now offering a new Seat and Windshield Demo Program that enables a rider to visit our shop and sample a variety of Harley-Davidson seats and windshield models, on their own motorcycles, for free.

Harley-Davidson Seats

An assortment of Harley-Davidson seat models, including the Sundowner, Tallboy, Reach, Reduced Reach, Super Reduced Reach, Signature Series, Hammock and Road Zeppelin seats, are available for riders to demo.

A rider interested in a new Harley-Davidson seat, can try several different seats to find which one fits them the best. We have everything from large, cushy touring seats, to smaller solo seats available to try.

You will be able to install the seat on your own motorcycle and then try it out for up to 24 hours.


Harley-Davidson Windshields - Windsplitter

Harley-Davidson Windshields

The windshield demo program features the Wind Splitter Windshield line, with three Wind Splitter styles available for Electra Glide and Road Glide models, in different heights and tints.

Like with the demo seats, you will be able to install the windshield on your own bike and then try it out for up to 24 hours, for free.

Stop in today to check out the various seats and windshields available.